Two-Tone Cotton Collar (Navy/Grey) - Vackertass Supply Co.

Two-Tone Cotton Collar (Navy/Grey) - Vackertass Supply Co.


Adjustable collar made from thick and strong 100% cotton webbing in dual colours. Ideally combined with the two-tone cotton lead for a perfect matching set.


Small 10-15”
Medium 11-18”
Large 13-22”

Collar sizing: measure around the widest part of your dog's head (usually by the ears), then adjust the tape measure to make sure you can comfortably slide it on and off. This is measurement A. Then measure around the neck where the collar will normally sit. This is measurement B. The correct collar size will be the one that covers both measurements A and B. If our standard sizes do not fit your dog, email us for a custom size collar at no extra cost.

The width of the collar is 1".

100% cotton, metal hardware

Wash by hand or machine wash (up to 40°C)

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Vackertass Supply Co was started in 2016 by former concert photographer Annelie Rosencrantz. All products are original designs and hand crafted with heart and soul from our studio in Walthamstow, London, UK.

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