Turkish Peshtemal Towel

Turkish Peshtemal Towel


Peshtemal towels are not your average terry cloth. (Though they are just as absorptive.) A peshtemal (sometimes peshtemal is also spelled pestemal or peshtamal) is also called a fouta or hamman towel.  Peshtemals are large, flat and velvety soft. Inspired by the bath towels used in legendary Turkish spas, these tightly woven creations are extremely strong and durable, and feature a stylish handcrafted fringe that makes them chic as well as practical.

Because peshtemal towels are flat-woven, they’re extremely light and take up very little space, making them the perfect travel companion. Peshtemals are the ideal take-along for your next vacation, you can roll them up and they pack beautifully.

Peshtemal has come to us from the historic hammam era, it's history reaches nearly 600 years in Anatolia. You can hear people calling them fringe towel, tassel towel, or Turkish towel. These products are not factory made. All the pesvhtemals are produced by traditional methods in a respectful manner to it's origin, woven on hand looms and vegetable dye is used.


100 cm x 170 cm


100% Cotton

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