Torso Vase Medium (Oak) - Applicata

Torso Vase Medium (Oak) - Applicata

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The Torso family is now joined by vases.

There is a small removable glass for water inserted. Produced in untreated, oiled and stained oak. Remove the glass insert and a candle can be placed in its place.

These vases were created with inspiration from the difference between feminine and masculine forms. The shape is Scandinavian from the dawn of time, and recurs in vases and the legs of tables and chairs and so on.

12 cm x 5.8cm



Please note that we recommend that the candle is blown out approximately 1 cm before the candle has burned down.
Never let a candle burn down completely. The heat may cause damage.

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Applicata is a Danish brand that was founded by the couple Mette and Rene Løt. Applicata creates design products of the highest quality and all products are produced in either Denmark or Sweden. Designed by skilled Scandinavian architects, designers and artists. This ensures unique products of high quality in regard to both aesthetic and function. Most of the products are made of wood, though Applicata loves to play with different materials and colours, often in a unique blend.

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