Pearl (Various Mix) - Studio Arhoj

Pearl (Various Mix) - Studio Arhoj

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Small hand-cast porcelain balls glazed in a wide universe of heavy high-fire glazes.

Every week new glazes are tested, developed and saved in the Arhoj Archives. Each ball is unique and hand signed with name and year.

Perfect as a personalized decor item, a souvenir or a lucky charm.


6-8cm (Approx)

Please note each pearl is uniquely coloured and finished. You will receive a random colour. 

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Studio Arhoj

Originally founded in Tokyo in 2006 by Anders Arhoj, this beautiful ceramic brand is now based in the harbour of Copenhagen, but still keeps some Japanese influence in it’s design. Studio Arhoj creates unique and affordable objects that explore the relationship between Scandinavian simplicity and traditional Japanese culture.
Arhoj seeks to keep original processes and knowledge alive by utilising old crafts such as wheel throwing and glaze construction. They celebrate the honesty of clay and take pride in the fact that their ceramic pieces are hand made and decorated and therefore each one is completely unique - no two are alike. 

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