London Plane Porridge Spoon - Hampson Woods

London Plane Porridge Spoon - Hampson Woods


Made from london plane, these unique spurtle-spoons were inspired by a trip to the Isle of Skye, and are wonderfully versatile.

Delightful to hold and perfectly balanced, they stir, scrape and flip; in time they take on the character of your cooking.

Finished with olive oil.

London Plane wood

28cm x 40cm x 10cm (Approx)

Every spoon is unique and the one that finds your casserole pot will differ slightly from the one photographed.

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Hampson Woods

Design and produce wooden products from their workshop in Hackney, East London. Inspired by the grace and beauty of timber; and produce pieces that retain a simple and timeless elegance. Products that will last a lifetime, or longer. Ensuring that their work is pleasing to the hand, and to the eye – a pleasure to make, and a pleasure for you to use.
Small-batch production is patient and considered; and are equally careful with sourcing of material – quite simply, no timber is worked unless its provenance is known.
The care and consideration we employ means that everything that leaves the Hackney workshop is of the highest quality – it is only by handling and patiently crafting in this way that you can do justice to the beauty that lies within the finished piece.

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