Large American Corn Broom - Bently U.K.

Large American Corn Broom - Bently U.K.

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Sometimes the traditional tools are the best! 
This American corn broom is lightweight and is made of natural fibres is great for the garden, yard and general use. Can get into all the corner and sweeping up leaves and outdoor areas.

Wood, Corn Husk

137cm x 18cm x 6cm

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Bently U.K

Established in 1860 by the very first Mr Bentley after he had completed his apprenticeship as a brush maker over 150 years ago! In the early 1900’s Mr Bentleys’ son continued the business producing brushes in his back yard, hanging a Bentley brass plate on his front door which can still be seen in there Head Office today. 
A lot has changed over the 150 years and now they are known for there vast array of innovative useful products. 

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