Bar Blade (Black) - Manual

Bar Blade (Black) - Manual


The Manual Bar Blade is a leather and steel bottle opener designed to get better with age. Inspired by the flat metal bottle openers found in the back pockets of bartenders all over the world, this is Manual's take on the iconic bottle popper.

The Manual Bar Blade is created by wrapping a strip of leather around a laser cut stainless steel opener. The leather is then hand sewn through the laser-cut holes. The warmth of leather over the steel feels great in the hand, looks handsome, and through frequent use develops a patina, like a well-used leather wallet.

The Manual Bar Blade was completely manufactured within the city of Chicago. From the Horween leather, to laser cut metal, to hand-sewn stitching. 


Stainless Steel/Leather

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The aim of Manual is to design products that celebrate the aesthetic and experiential while providing essential utility. Our products are first and foremost tools for food, but hope to express deeper meaning through thoughtful design. Manual values utility—form follows interaction. Manual values understatement—design that humbly integrates with the home and strives to age gracefully. Manual values authenticity—creating honest design that is meant to be used, instead of being props for an idealized lifestyle.

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