How to Hygge at Home


Pronounced 'Hue-gah' a Danish/Norwegian word that has no direct translation but meaning a feeling of cosiness, hygge can also mean kinship and conviviality. 

Were not just talking about making some hot chocolate and reading a book infant of the fireplace, its a way of everyday life for the Danish but never taken too seriously. Hygge can be enjoyed in so many ways without even realising it. It could be spending time with friends on an evening cooking a meal and chatting. Taking a moment from a busy afternoon at home to just spend time making a coffee and appreciating it, then take a book and enjoy alone time relaxing in the living room. Something as simple as lighting candles to create a cosy atmosphere for friends and loved ones. No matter how it may be; make a delight in life no matter when or where it may be.

We hope here at Enkelhed we can help try and create some Hygge in your home.


According to the European Candle Assocaition, Danes burn more candles per head than anywhere in Europe, if you ever visit Danish cities you will notice apartments lit by tea lights and due to the amount of daylight you won't just see them at night but throughout the morning.

Try lighting some extra candles this evening when going home and see the difference they can make to your mood. If you want to be totally in the Hygge spirit then why not try our Hygge candles from Skandinvaisk, with echoes of tea and baked strawberry cake, rose petals and wild mint. 

Surround yourself with things you love...


We all have a blanket at home and who doesn't love the feeling of curling up on the sofa and snuggling under one. Blankets and pillows can create a perfect homely touch and make guests feel more relaxed. 

Why not have a play around with some new blankets because lets face it you can never have too many. Our blankets are all the way from Iceland so you know they are going to keep your warm and cosy. Made from pure Icelandic wool where the factory is based just outside of Reykjavik and it situated at the side of the Alafoss waterfall.



Pen to Paper..

We are not saying you have to be a writer for this but there is something almost relaxing about leaving all technology to one side and putting good old pen to paper, whether it's simply organising your week, a poem or new ideas.

So next time the weekend comes around and you are needing a little break set everything aside and grab one of our beautiful danish designed notebooks and jot down all your plans, shopping lists or business meetings.


Make Porridge

What says a perfect cosy morning then enjoying a bowl of warm porridge. It can be the perfect time to be with the family whilst cooking oats. Serve it all up in deep bowls to ensure if will fill you till lunch.

Add extra fruit on top and a dash of cinnamon for the extra bit or warmth and if you want to make it extra nordic add a dollop of Skyr yogurt.