When Enkelhed Met with Skandinavisk

On a recent trip to Denmark's capital Copenhagen we caught up with a few of our brands and had the wonderful pleasure of meeting with founder of Skandinavisk; Shaun Russell. He and Gerry run Copenhagen based candle company working in the Vesterbro district which is surround with a few perfect shops and restaurants and great area to spend a weekend. 

Outside of the showroom in the Vesterbro district.

Outside of the showroom in the Vesterbro district.

For the happiest nations on earth, joy is found in life’s small moments.
— Skandinavisk
Shaun showing us some of his prototype ideas.

Shaun showing us some of his prototype ideas.

SKANDINAVISK is 2 English chaps, Shaun and Gerry, who fell in love with 2 blonde Scandinavian girls 15 years ago and never left.

After each moving to the region, working for 2 big American multinationals and living between Copenhagen and Stockholm, we also fell gradually in love with the Scandinavian way of life - the focus on life's small moments, the priority of family over career, the cycle to the office, the home at 4pm, the raw nature, the endless summers. Its an enviable lifestyle that even the bitterest winter can't dilute (alright, -22 outside your door is a little too bitter).

And they believe the absolute essence of Scandinavian lifestyle is right here - in the colour, scent, light and warmth of a flickering candle flame and a glow that not only burrows deep through the wax, but one which nourishes the soul too. After all, Scandinavians use more candles than any other nation in the world. They use them morning, noon and night. 12 months a year. Because they know that a candle makes any moment softer, more informal, more cosy and they are the world's happiest peoples, so we think that's something worth sharing.

Through all Skandinavisk candles they always seem to capture what they drive to do, to create 'the sense of Scandinavia'. Which ever scents you choose you feel you can create a certain moment in your home depending on what mood you are feeling.

So if you want to escape to the coast and smell the sea crashing against the rocks then lighting Hav will take you there. Maybe you want to create and intimate or cozy atmosphere and just chill out with a book on a Sunday afternoon then Hygge is what you need.

The Skandinavisk team really think about the design of the candles too and is an ongoing process you are sometimes tempted to not even burn them as they look so beautiful.


Which ever mood you are creating in your home make sure to check out our current range of candles and reed diffusers on the website