Spotlight: Studio Arhoj Visit

Here at Enkelhed we recently had a trip to the beautiful Danish city of Copenhagen, were we took some time out to visit a few of the Danish brands we house. We had the pleasure of heading over to the Islands Brygree area to visit the Studio Arhoj studio. Studio Arhoj is a Danish design studio run by the founder Anders Arhoj, Originally founded in Tokyo in 2006, this beautiful ceramic brand is now based in the harbour of Copenhagen, but still keeps some Japanese influence in it’s design. Studio Arhoj creates unique and affordable objects that explore the relationship between Scandinavian simplicity and traditional Japanese culture.
Arhoj seeks to keep original processes and knowledge alive by utilising old crafts such as wheel throwing and glaze construction. They celebrate the honesty of clay and take pride in the fact that their ceramic pieces are hand made and decorated and therefore each one is completely unique - no two are alike.

The Islands Brygge Studio

The Islands Brygge Studio

The underlying sence of humour and the less than serious approach to design.
— Anders Arhoj

Before we had even headed over to the studio we were so excited to see studio arhoj products popping up in the independent homewares shops around Copenhagen even so that in the location were we were staying there was various arhoj products!
The studio it's self can be visited as it features a shop space so if you fancy they short journey over there to see them direct from the studio it makes them that little more special.


The Studio

Located by the harbour in Copenhagen and originally founded in Tokyo in 2006, Studio Arhoj is now based in Denmark.

In addition to exploring the visual relationship between Scandinavian simplicity and traditional Japanese culture they are interested in keeping alive traditions and knowledge about old crafts such as wheel throwing and glaze construction.

The Process

Experimenting is a deeply integrated part of their daily production. They dedicate a lot of time to discovering and testing the seemingly endless possibilities of glaze and clay. Failure is something we know well, however, when something works the reward is worth the struggle.

Many of their items are hand-thrown by skilled potters on the throwing wheel in different kinds of clay. Their porcelain items are cast in plaster molds by skilled artisans. Whilst in the studio we were lucky enough to meet with the whole team from packing to production and fantastic to see Steve in the process of making their new collection of winter bowls.

Ghosts ready to dispatch.

Ghosts ready to dispatch.

Meeting with Anders Arhoj and Joe Cooper was fab and just chatting with them you can see where their ideas and inspiration come from. They feel like a small family and here at Enkelhed that's how we feel when you buy the Studio Arhoj products you start to build up a small family, give them names, purposes, uses or no uses at all and this is what we feel adds that magic touch to Studio Arhoj products.