Spotlight: Main Sauvage

Main Sauvage

We are taking a look into our new brand the young French designers Cecile & Julien behind Main Sauvage a soft toy and soft furnishings for kids and adults alike.

There’s an old -and unknown- French expression: main sauvage that people used to nominate the left hand which was considered to be the devil’s tool. Terrifying? Anyway, we thought a nice sound of it and this term suggest a large and strangest universe of meanings that greatly inspire us every day. 

Their creations are the result of a well-reasoned and eco-friendly production, that contribute to the promotion of the know-how protection as well as the developement of small european manufacturers.
Cécile and Julien, 26, are both architects who have launched themselves in this great poetic, demanding and exciting adventure!


We believe that our intentional position is also the most effective way to support the sensitivity, even the poetry (and the rigour) of small-scale production processes.

Their Ethics

In France : The local and social dimensions have an important place in our approach, for instance in situ meetings with craftsmen and also a better control of the quality. It also represents for us an answer to a socio-cultural requirement, given that the purpose is to contribute to the promotion of the local economy and the know-how protection. That's why in the first place, we support the made in France spirit.

Worldwide : However, we do not want to put barriers to on our young brand by having too strict an ethical position about the Made in France concept. With Main Sauvage, above all we wish to promote smart and well-reasoned production processes that respect the rights of man and earth. That's why we believe that you should not hesitate to open our vision on to the skills and raw materials around the world, as long as the human condition and the quality meet our requirements.

Made With Love

Our creations are realised thanks to the intense work of passionate and imaginative manufacturers especially in tune with our ideas and who are not afraid to get off the beaten tracks. We think that "made with love" implies "made in dignity", therefore we work with manufacturers who observe the International Labour Organization (ILO) standards.

Made For Safety

Our products are specifically designed in compliance with the French and European safety standards. That's why our products are simply checked by an external service provider to obtain “CE” marking, which basically confirms that our products are suitable to each user whatever his age.

Humus in Mint

Humus in Mint

Humus in Salmon

Humus in Salmon

The Humus twins are screen-printed with eco-friendly inks on 100% Oeko-Tex Standards 100% cotton fabric certified (class 1) and each piece is cut and assembled by hand. Available in two colours salmon pink and mint green so perfect for boys and girls.



Laterite is also screen-printed with eco-friendly inks on 100% Oeko-Tex Standards 100% cotton fabric certified (class 1) and each piece is cut and assembled by hand. He (or she) makes a perfect companion and is big enough for a cuddle in bed.

You really cannot help but fall in love with the Main Sauvage collection and make great gifts for kids and big kids at heart.