Spotlight: Kartotek

In KARTOTEK they are exploring ways to slow the pace of everyday life. Thier line of stationery invites you into a setting where small moments feel special.

Perfect office staples.

Perfect office staples.

We design for the free spaces, where we are at peace with ourselves or share time with those we care for.
— Kartotek

KARTOTEK is a Copenhagen-based stationery brand. They launched thier first collection in the Spring of 2015 with a range of paper products including notebooks, notepads, greeting cards and calendars.

They use only the finest Scandinavian paper and produce everything in Europe.

We can all buy a cheap notebook from the high street or local supermarket but there is something more special about having a notebook that has being thought about in its use and design. So it feels a little more initmate when say sitting down with your coffee first thing Monday morning and jotting down all your plans and ideas for the following busy week ahead.

Or maybe you are a busy parent and you just feel that little extra time to write your daily jobs or shopping list down just feels more special on a quailty notebooks.