À Vin Vertical - Àplat

À Vin Vertical - Àplat

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Even a return to the U.S after a stint in France. Shujan Bertrand never forgot the rituals of her family in France. With this 100% organic sac a plat vertical holds two baguettes or bottle and baguette. The adjustable strap lets you carry the bag from the top as a traditional tote, or slung over your shoulder.

Made in San Fransisco, California and is washable and reusable.

Organic Cotton

8" x 14"
22" Strap

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Shujan Bertrand, International Industrial Designer.  Founder of Àplat inc. launched the Àplat collection on November 2014.  
A culinary collection designed to carry food, wine or flowers. Àplat is inspired by french art de vivre which is deeply rooted in a culture of friendship, where socialising is more than a verb but a life philosophy. Where generosity is a daily ritual. Àplat reminds us to find joy and pleasure in making the everyday beautiful.
Àplat is designing soft goods products to be simple and clever to carry, while riding a bike or commuting through the city.  Using organic sustainable material and processes, the àplat pattern design is focused on zero waste when cutting raw materials.
Àplat pronounced [A-PL'A] means  "a dish" or "is flat" in French.

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